Ghé 02 – Bút Tháp Pagoda


BUT THAP is a special pagoda that we had few very chances to visit and contemplate the assemblage of Vietnamese architectural values.

The making crew wants to deliver the utmost beauty of a public architectural work that presents in our daily lives, in various occasions, such as the first month in Lunar Calendar, Vu Lan (Ghosh Festival), Buddha’s Birthday, Autumn Festival and the day we completed this book – the 15th December in Lunar Calendar (2018). From each time visiting, we were able to capture the values that carry seasonal representatives.

This book is about architecture, sculpture and bras-reliefs in But Thap Pagoda. It is a cherished material, a resourceful library of image that may aid those who hold dear to Vietnamese traditional architecture.

Published in March 2019
Language: Vietnamese
Page: 148 pages
Cover: Soft