Notes 05


Notes 05 with the topic “House of Viet people” is a document that systematised practical experiences in combination with information, knowledge conceived through monographs of previous generations.

Through many periods of history, in spite of the on-going development, Vietnam could still remain and preserve some of its distinctive traditional values. It is inevitable that things gradually change over time, hence we treasure even more the profound history of our forefathers’ creation of housing space for each family in Vietnam.

There are many changes in forms and materials of the Viet’s house throughout the history. From leaf, bamboo, dirt then gradually turned to concrete, wood, brick, and new materials added at the current, the Vietnamese architecture has been evolvingly enriched. However, from the stance of researching the premise of Vietnamese house formation, it is clear to see the inherited features from the past. This is the testament of creativity and adaptation in different timelines to mould the Vietnamese architectural identity. Comprehending the past to ruminate about the present helps earn refined perspectives, thereby contributing to the egis of heritage that Vietnamese people embody in each house.

Published in March 2021


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