Notes 07


Notes 07 “Cau Nam” (Bridges in the ancient Nam Son area – North Vietnam) is a 2-year-of-work monograph. We named the book “Cau Nam” following a Vietnamese quotidian saying “Cầu Nam – Chùa Bắc – Đình Đoài” (typical architecture in Red river delta area) which carry the quintessence of our forefathers, the works they did and left behind traditional architectural heritage for descendance. Nevertheless, the book not only covers bridges in the ancient Nam Son area (currently Ha Nam – Nam Dinh – Ninh Binh, Vietnam), but also other ancient bridges throughout Vietnam in various periods.

Notes 07 focuses on some eminent constructions namely rock bridge, tiled bridge, wooden bridge, temple bridge. We visit, write about and photograph carefully each place to create this book. We believe that the book may contribute resourceful data for architects, people in the architecture industry or even for others who love the beauty and values of Vietnamese traditional architecture.

Soft cover
Page: 142 pages
Size: 148 x 210 mm
Language: Vietnamese
Published in March 2022