Notesbook 01


We are living in an epoch, in which bounding lines between cultures partly become much more accommodating; a community can have access to refer and learn from others. More specifically, each individual living in this community is able to advance their potential according to their own strengths and to support one another, thereby maintaining the diversity that is essential for a proactive growth in a society. Diversity here does not mean receptively assimilating all sources of knowledge that are considered to be the most advanced. A community or each individual can absolutely acquire knowledge selectively, deciding what suits them without losing the core values of identity – indigenity.

In each issue, Notesbook gradually delivers to readers ‘wide-ranging’ from relentless working hands throughout decades to meticulously created artworks that were embedded with merits of history and arts.

This first issue insists of stories about the dedicated working life of photographer Wolfgang Volz, the process of practicing architecture of architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano, the voyage of learning and bonding with Ikebana of artist Abe Hanna, the devoted love for pottery of a Kintsugi artist – Takehito Kobayashi, the material for creating architecture of Tropical Space Architecture and along with journeys to explore historical monuments of Vietnam.

We hope you – readers find something useful for yourself through these carefully jotted down contents in the 01 issue.

Page: 216
Cover: Soft
Language: Vietnamese, English