Notesbook 03


When I began thinkng about the value of heritage around the mid-2018s, I met photographer Darren Bradley, who had travelled to Vietnam to capture many famous historical landmarks associated with modern architecture. That year, I first knew about the heritage chain left by Geoffrey Bawa for Sri Lanka through the photographs taken by architect Đỗ Hữu Tâm. Then, on my birthday, I was gifted two books by Hiroshi Naito, both of which discussed and presented strong statements about sustainability in architecture and how a structure can endure for hundreds of years despite economic instability. My approach has always used the lens of architecture to look at the heritage of each individual. In each era, they add another layer to tradition through persistent labour and a timeless mindset.

Recently, I have had the chance to engage with and observe many individuals active in various artistic fields. Through each expressive exhibition by Chiharu Shiota, the regular SiaM music nights held monthly, the meticulous process of preserving traditional crafts by artisan Phạm Văn Thắng, or the resonating sound of Trần Cảnh’s musical instrument amidst the restaurant, I have realised that the commonality among these people is “taking their time”, yet each step forward in their thinking and practice strongly drives the process of positive perceptual change within the public and their perspectives.

Notesbook 03 is our representation of the “root” of each figure, which is “slowed down” through each page of this magazine. It is an exploration into the depths of their thoughts, how each person perceives heritage – which is inherently vague and fragile, easy to damage throughout the course of human history.

Page: 252
Cover: Soft
Language: Vietnamese, English